Dandruff is a condition of scalp in which skin flakes and can cause itching. Poor hygiene can further aggravate dandruff. There is too much exfoliation of skin. One common cause of Dandruff is Seborrheic dermatitis.   

Sign and Symptoms:

            Sign and symptoms can be vary from patient to patient:

          Flakes of skin of scalp


Triggers or aggravating factors for Dandruff:

           Cold weather.


          Not maintaining good hygiene.

          Dry skin.

          Other skin complaints like Psoriasis / Eczema.

Frequently asked questions

Is Dandruff infectious/ contagious ?

            No Dandruff is not contagious to touch from person to person.    

What all things can aggravate or flare up Dandruff ?

         Some common things that may increase Cold weather, Stress, dry skin, not maintaining good hygiene may aggravate Dandruff.

Clinical Observation:

       I have observed that other than too Spicy/ peppery diet, intake of nuts in excess can aggravate Dandruff.

Homeopathic treatment of Dandruff:

        There are many medicines for Dandruff like Arsenic Alb, Nux-vom, Pulsatilla,  Sulphur, Thuja etc., but no homeopathic medicine should be taken without consulting doctor. Homeopathic doctor will take detail case history and give you individualized treatment.   





Homoeopathy is a system of medicine that was started by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. It is based on doctrine of Similia Simlibus Curentur which means Like Cures Like.

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