Atopic dermatitis

             Atopic dermatitis is a type of Eczema / Dermatitis in which skin becomes Itching and red in patches. It can appear commonly on face or limbs. There are many types of Eczema like: Atopic dermatitis, Contact dermatitis, Dyshidrotic eczema, Nummular eczema, Seborrheic dermatitis, Stasis dermatitis. The most common type of Eczema / Dermatitis is Atopic dermatitis in which dermatitis may be accompanied by Asthma or Hay fever.   

Sign and Symptoms:

  • Sign and symptoms can be vary from patient to patient:
  • Itching
  • Dry skin
  • Thick skin
  • Cracked skin
  • Sometimes discharge of fluid from skin

Common causes for Atopic Dermatitis:

  • Family history of Allergies.
  • Family history of Asthma.
  • Family history of Eczema.
  • Stress.
  • Irritants like soap, detergents, shampoo, chemicals etc.
  • Food like nuts, eggs, spices, pickles etc.
  • Drug Allergy.
  • Extreme of weather or humidity.

Frequently asked questions

Is Atopic dermatitis infectious / contagious ?

            No. Atopic dermatitis is not contagious to touch from person to person.    

How is Atopic Dermatitis diagnosed ?

            Atopic Dermatitis is generally diagnosed clinically by history and examination.

Does Atopic dermatitis has any genetic relation?

            Yes, if any one of parent has Atopic dermatitis, Hay fever or Asthma then their children can suffer from any one of these three ailments.  

What all things can aggravate or flare up Eczema ?

            Some common things that may increase Eczema are: Eggs, Nuts, Spices. Direct contact with some chemicals / cosmetics may also increase Eczema. Stress may aggravate Eczema.

Clinical Observation:

          I have observed that other than too Spicy / peppery diet, intake of eggs, nuts can aggravate Eczema. Use of cosmetic or direct contact with some chemicals may aggravate Eczema.    

Homeopathic treatment of Atopic dermatitis:

         There are many medicines for Eczema like Mezereum, Arsenic Alb, Graphites, Nux-vom, Pulsatilla,  Sulphur, Rhus-tox, Sepia etc., but no homeopathic medicine should be taken without consulting doctor. Homeopathic doctor will take detail case history and give you individualized treatment.


Homoeopathy is a system of medicine that was started by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. It is based on doctrine of Similia Simlibus Curentur which means Like Cures Like.

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